World Leader on Google’s transparency report for removal illegal links

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24/7, our systems provide effective detection & implementation of content protection.


  • Monitoring half a million sources to detect piracy as soon as possible
  • 24/7, our systems provide effective detection and implementation of content protection right after the first leak alert… Even on the weekend.
  • We are also working on Chinese, Japanese and Russian languages.


  • Monitoring illegal links and sources. Mails and SMS alerts are sent when a product is leaked.
  • Send automated takedown notices to ISPs hosting infringing links and websites.
  • Ultrafast deleting services for pre-release.
  • Search Engine notification to delete illegals results pages.


  • Live online and offline reports detailing the situation of your leaked product on internet.
  • Rivendell  take action to protect results and manage closing.

Rightsholders must adopt a strategy to effectively protect their rights on the internet

#1 Direct download and streaming

We search and close all direct download and streaming files everywhere in the Word.

#2 Forums / Torrents

We track private torrents and forums.

#3 Search engine

We delete from search engine results illegal links

Rivendell is the World Leader on Google’s transparency report for illegal links removal.

helps you understand & take action against piracy of your products

Rivendell is a major player for content protection.

Our specialists work in tandem with your marketing teams, sales and promotion departments.

Every day, our team is studying how online piracy is occuring and spreading.

Our systems enable us to be the most comprehensive in terms of monitoring, detection and enforcement programs.


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